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Funding Support to Improve Lives

Going through treatment for a brain tumour is an incredibly stressful situation, which is why it’s important to know you’re not alone. Working alongside The Brain Tumour Charity, we help fund The Children and Families Service who offer support to children, young people and families affected by a brain tumour diagnosis. They’re there to help with any information you might need, answer your questions, listen and provide support. We can help you develop ways to cope, take control and connect with others who are going through similar experiences.

The dedicated Children and Families Service aims to reduce isolation and anxiety for children and their families by giving them the help, understanding and support they need following a brain tumour diagnosis.

Family Days

Working with The Brain Tumour Charity  The Lewis Moody Foundation funds a series of Family Days across the UK. These give families affected by a brain tumour the chance to spend time together away from hospital, meet other families and enjoy a day out without having to worry about finances.

Family Days provide a fun, relaxing, and supportive experience. They also offer an opportunity for parents and children to meet others experiencing similar difficulties and share their stories.

We hold Family Days for families who have either a child or parent living with a brain tumour. Our events are aimed at families with children under 18 years.

All the activities involved in a Family Day are free. Lunch, drinks and snacks are provided throughout the day.

Family Days and COVID-19

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus COVID-19 and uncertainty of future government advice around travel and public meetings we are reviewing our upcoming Family Days.

Our decision to cancel any upcoming events hasn’t been taken lightly, we know how much you enjoy these opportunities to get together (as do we!) but we felt it was the right decision to take a precautionary approach and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We are so sorry that we won’t get to see you all as planned but we are exploring possible alternative options to get together digitally, for example an online video chat. We will keep this page updated with any further details on these plans.

Thank you for your understanding, if you have any questions or if there’s anything else we can help with please don’t hesitate to get in touch and if you are worried about coronavirus please find The Brain Tumour Charities latest support and information here.







With The Brain Tumour Charity, we are helping to fund online meet ups for parents.  We want to help provide you with an oppurtunity to chat and connect with other parents about what’s important to you and your child.

We’re currently reviewing our online parents meet ups to make sure they’re fully accessible and meet your needs.

If you’d like to share any thoughts or ideas on what you’d like to see from our online meet ups, please contact the Children and Families Team at


Create magical memories together on one of our upcoming family days.

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